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“Everything Is Fine”

The Creatures of Comfort Autumn/Winter 13 collection, Everything Is Fine, takes shape in the form of bold textures and remarkable prints inspired by the imagination of Louis Bourgeois.

Reflecting the figurative sculptures and uncommon forms of Bourgeois’ work, this collection displays the blue and pink hues of the artist’s distinctive palette. Prints take a more unique tact, with grid and windowpane details representing the entrapment that Bourgeois’ work evoked. An eye, a signature symbol of Bourgeois pieces, glares unflinching from the beautiful fabrics used by Creatures of Comfort’s Jade Lai. 

Introducing the luxurious quality of Italian-made Loro Piana cashmere yarn woven into coats and suiting, fabrics are a central focus of the line. Knits, quilted fabrics, printed chiffon and lightweight materials create an unparalleled place for this collection in not only texture, but form. Loyal to the Creatures of Comfort code, Autumn/Winter 13 once 

again illustrates the contrasted layers that have become a signature.

Evolving the shape of their ever-chic modern woman, this collection showcases a leaner silhouette and – as always – Creatures of Comfort’s sartorial savoir-faire.

In testament to Louise Bourgeois’ unbridled artistic bravery, Everything Is Fine is a collection that transcends beyond the boundaries of fashion to inhabit the imaginatively constructed world of art.

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